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I recently read a quote that said something like this: “I often stare in wonder at mothers who talk about how much they sacrifice for their kids as if spending time with them isn’t the most important thing in the world”.  And you know what I did after reading that? I judged the mom that quoted it. Here I was mad at her for judging me (yes, I openly say that I sacrifice for my daughter) and then I go and judge her. Hypocrite? Yup, sign me up.

But this post isn’t about judging, it’s about sacrifice. I just looked up the definition of ‘sacrifice’ on My favorite definition was “to surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something else”. That is me, and I believe many mothers out there, to a Tee. I have given up a lot for my little monkey and it is often to the disadvantage of me. I often feel like I am missing out on something really cool, useful or something I enjoy  in order to take care of my butter bean.  Does that make me a bad mom? Heck no, I say it makes me a great mom because I’m willing to give up that _______ (fill in the blank) for the sake of my little heiress.

no brain Here are some examples of things I have given up: my body (I am not one of those women who enjoyed being pregnant), sleep, sanity, a job I love (and gave up 2 doraeducational degrees & 6 years of professional work to chase), time (I spend about 2.5 hours a day just nursing little miss  piggy), a brain (you know the song “if I only had a brain” from the Wizard of Oz? I sing it everyday), going to the beach (who wants to deal  with a 5 month old, sand, and the sun?), going to the movies, having a social life, the ability to hold a conversation for more than 5  minutes (I gave birth to a real life Dora the Explorer-she loves to be on the move), being able to plan my day on my own time schedule (when she’s hungry, she’s gotta eat and don’t you dare mess with my baby’s nap time), friendships, etc. etc.

Sacrificing it all is worth it because what I gain is so much better: seeing my progeny smile at the dog for the first time, learn how to not only get her  thumb in her mouth but keep it there long enough to get a good, comforting sucking session, hear her coo as I rock her back and forth, see her stop  nursing just to look up at me and smile, watch her learn how to scootch her body forward on her belly, and listen to the silence as she sleeps soundly  because she has a healthy body, a full belly, a clean diaper, feels safe and secure and is surrounded by love.

Do I sacrifice for my daughter? Absolutely. Not every mom out there is able or willing to make that choice; but I proudly do.

miserable pregnancyCompared to this woman, I loved being pregnant.


What came first-the chicken or the egg…or the baby?

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A couple of days ago I was cooking a chicken and as I unwrapped it, rinsed it off and seasoned it, I realized…..this could be my daughter. As my husband commented, after seeing a picture of the chicken that I sent him, “Put a diaper on it and I swear I’m related to it”.

chicken costume


I know what Georgia’s gonna be for her first halloween