Right now I am on the phone trying to verify an account on eBay in order to sell items for the non-profit I work for. I also just added a post on Facebook. I also have a window open with a blog that has crockpot recipes and now I’m here, typing on my own blog.

The Art of Multi-tasking.

As women, I think we are often gifted with the art of multi-tasking. However, you may be aware that sometimes creating art can go wrong. Very wrong. (FYI-the customer service rep on the phone just came on and told me to continue holding. You got it buddy). Such as when you accidently hit the ‘facetime’ button on your phone with your chin so your phone tries to switch over so you can see the customer service man you’re talking to; you go to close out the facebook page but instead close out the eBay page you’re trying to fix with the customer service man you’re also trying to see while talking to; you try to log back in to eBay but get confused and use your facebook log in information instead so now the customer service man is waiting on you. But I guess that’s all better than getting permanently inked with a picture like this (see middle picture):


Thankfully another tattoo artist was able to correct it.

Seriously though, I can get so frazzled with juggling 100 things at one time that at the end of the day, it seems like nothing was really accomplished, I spent more time on the phone than I than I did with my husband, I have a whole list of recipes that I’m dying to make but no actual food made and I’m hungry (not to mention a hungry husband), and I’m ready to just crash into bed.

So for this year, my goal is to focus. It may be that I still focus on a few things at a time, but I will pare the list down to 4 or 5 things at one time instead of two dozen. Now it’s time to race into the shower before my daughter wakes up and the real chaos begins.

By the way, the eBay issue was resolved. In the process I’m pretty sure I spoke with a woman in India, one in South Africa and then a man in my own country.