I went through a phase where I pegged my pants, or french rolled as some called it. My brother started it, and being the dweeby younger sister, I of course had to copy him. I don’t remember if everybody was doing it…but I was and I was cool, so probably everybody else was too. I also went through a phase where I wore this black felt hat that had a suede bill. It was part of my attire every day, and if I remember correctly, I not only wore it, but I wore it backwards. Another phase I went through was wearing my brother’s old nylon jacket (another dweeby sister thing) ¬†until the day I jumped off the swing at recess and the jacket got caught on the swing chain and tore as I flew off. Some phases are cool, some not so much.

Like take the phase Georgia is going through right now. She doesn’t like to sleep during the day unless I’m holding and nursing her. And then of course since she’s sleeping she doesn’t really eat, so then she’s hungry all the time. She’s crying because she’s tired and because she’s hungry; a double blow to any mom. Actually she did fall asleep in the carrier while we went shopping at Wal-Mart and dozes a bit in the stroller while out walking. But I can only shop so much, walk in this blasted Florida heat so long (it’s really not even that hot right now), and sit on the couch holding her before my butt goes numb. Thankfully this phase has her still sleeping great at night, but it sure does make the waking hours reeeeeaaaaaaly long.

pegged jeans¬† Yep, that’s me. Don’t knock the pegged jeans; we were stylin’ back then.