I killed somebody today

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Did I get your attention with the title? Good, because although it’s not technically true, it could easily be re-worded to say “Somebody died today because of me” and that IS true. I don’t know who that somebody is, but I take full responsibility for that life that is no longer. Why? Because I didn’t do anything to stop it.

Taking some stats from a book published in 2009 (which means these numbers are most likely worse in 2015):

-Someone dies of hunger every 16 seconds

-In 2008, 22 million people died of preventable diseases…10 million of those were children

-40% of the world lacks basic water sanitation, resulting in disease and death

Meanwhile, Americans consume 26 billion liters of bottled water EACH DAY

-Roughly 40 million people die annually from starvation, disease, and malnutrition

Meanwhile 65% of US adults are overweight or obese as well as 15% of children and adolescents

(excerpts from ‘Interrupted’ by Jen Hatmaker)

John 21:15 says “…..Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?” (this was just after Jesus and his disciples had eaten the Last Supper, before Jesus was crucified) Simon Peter answered “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Here’s the kicker….Jesus responded “Feed my lambs”.

Feed my lambs. It sounds so simple, and yet how many of us actually do that? Not me, at least not in a really long time. Sure, it has been something I’ve done here and there, but to live my life according to that verse?

So while I go about my life, driving our 1 of 2 family vehicles, complaining about not having anything to eat while my fridge is full of food, having full access to however much clean water I want to drink, meanwhile….thousands upon thousands of people will die because nobody fed them. We live in a world where there is plenty to go around and yet all I’m worried about is how I have a bag of garbage sitting in the garage that stinks from rotten food and I have to wait until garbage day to get rid of it (P.S.-our garbage gets picked up TWICE a week).

If I truly love Jesus like I claim to, then I am commanded to feed his lambs. Heck, I’d venture to say that even if someone doesn’t love Jesus, the least they can do is recycle more and use the extra savings from buying less garbage bags to donate to a local food pantry (one more stat from the aforementioned book: Americans spend more $ on garbage bags every year than nearly half the world spends on all goods COMBINED).

So what can I personally do to help right this wrong, this epidemic of malnutrition that has consumed most of our world? Here is what I have come up with so far though I am still seeking God’s answers:

-Buy easy to eat, non-perishable foods to keep in my car along with bags, to hand out to any homeless person I come across. Think granola bars, dried fruit, crackers, etc. Heck, if you live in a city where you come across homeless people every single day, keep some fresh fruit & veges with you to hand out too.

-Keep some cash on me to buy someone(s) a meal when needed.

-Donate food to my church’s food pantry once a month (many children go hungry during the summer because they no longer have access to the free meals through their schools. Adults do too, but thinking of hungry kids just grabs my heart).

The above ideas are pretty easy and shame on me for not doing them sooner. The hard part comes in when God calls me to make real sacrifices for His lambs-sponsoring a child each month to not only feed him/her, but clothe them and send them to school; take the time to prepare and serve a meal at a homeless shelter; befriend a homeless person and invite them into my home to feed them; save up my money to travel on a missions trip to build an orphanage and feed the children; start a non-profit to provide food for families in my community; hit up my friends and family for money, time and other resources that we Americans have so much of and so many others around the world, including down the street from us, have no concept of because they have nothing.

I may not be called to do it all, but I am called to do something. God has blessed me and my family so that we can be a blessing to others. Instead of bemoaning the plight of the world, I choose to do something to change it.


Lies about pregnancy

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Being on pregnancy #2 I feel I learned quite a bit about being pregnant I not only did not know before, but was given false information about. I’m sure I would learn much more with subsequent pregnancies, but I make no secret about it, I am praying this is my last one. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but modern medicine/procedures have come quite far and we will be banking on that.

Lie #1: You have a glow.

Truth: You do glow, but it’s called sweat.

Lie #2: You will be overcome with the miracle of life inside you.

Truth: I could go on and on about this one, but the only thing I’m typically overcome with is how much I don’t like being pregnant.

Lie #3: Your hair will look like those in commercials.

Truth: The only thing that happened regarding the hair on my head is my dandruff kicked it up a few notches. However, the hair on my legs grew at an exponentially faster rate than ever before. Not exactly the hair change I was looking for.

Also, my hair fell out, no joke. The first pregnancy it actually fell out a couple months after giving birth (an area on each side of my head above my temple. I thought I had a receding hair line all of a sudden) but second one, these same patches of hair may be disappearing already in just my 2nd trimester. They at least have spontaneously gotten shorter and I have heard of some women having hair actually fall out during pregnancy.

Lie #4: Your nails will grow faster and become stronger.

Truth: Okay this one was actually true for me, but the downer is I keep mine short so this was kind of a wash for me.

Lie #5: You will crave sex.

Truth: Seriously? Make sure to set your husbands straight on this one so they don’t get their hopes up too high. Pregnancy hormones do funny things to you and while some women experiences this to be a truth, let’s just say it isn’t true for every one of us.

Lie #6: You can eat whatever you want.

Truth: While people may tell you this as a condolence to being pregnant, it’s actually not the healthiest bit of advice and all that ice cream and cookies after every meal can take it’s toll on you and the baby. The real kicker-as you get bigger, you actually can’t eat whatever you want even though you may want to. Baby is scrunching your stomach smaller and smaller every day. This is especially sad when you are in your last trimester around a major eating holiday, such as Thanksgiving (as I was with #1).

Lie #7: You will pee all the time.

Truth: There’s 2 parts to this truth. A) Make sure you don’t have a urinary tract infection. All that peeing could in part be due to a UTI, which I discovered this time around. I did think it was funny when the nurse asked me if I had any symptoms, such as frequent urination. Ummmm, I am pregnant lady. B) You will in fact pee all the time, but the other bathroom habit that changes is that while you pee more, you poop less. And when you do, it may just clog the toilet. I do not say this with pride, but I feel a responsibility to shed light on all this awesomeness of pregnancy. So be armed with a plunger.