My Man

While I never saw myself getting caught up in one, God blessed me with a whirlwind of a romance starting June 28, 2011 and culminating into a marriage on August 4, 2012. Jonathan (hereafter referred to as “J” as typing the last 7 letters just takes too blasted long) and I “met” through his mom, whom I had gone to church with in Atlanta, GA for almost 5 years, yet had never said more than probably 10 words to up until my last week prior to moving away (which in itself is another story). While she remembers a different version, what I remember is that she and a mutual friend of ours were talking after church and called me over with the intention of setting me up with her son…who lived in Florida. I complied (I wasn’t getting any younger for goodness sakes), gave her my email address to pass along, and 6 days later I moved far, far away…or, just to North Carolina.

Fast forward another week and June 28 rolls around….the day….he….emailed me. J was home visiting his family (remember I had moved far, far away), was given my email address by his mom, who also passed along the information that I had nice legs (no, I am most certainly NOT kidding), and that must have done it for him. J emailed me promptly, I emailed back promptly, and thus began our online friendship (I cringe when I say this because I also never though I’d be THAT type of girl…which is why I’m calling it just a friendship).

Two months later  I flew down to Florida to visit a friend who was there on a business trip, drove an hour to meet and go out with J for the first time…in person finally, and then flew back to a place far, far away (by this time I was back home in Michigan). Our online friend
ship started to include the phone (so romantic, isn’t it?). I then ended up in Virginia (what can I say, I enjoy the gypsy life) and once done there, it was either back to Michigan in the heart of winter, or on to Florida….and to J. I chose J.

Two months after moving here, J proposed (after meeting my mom, which I had said was an absolute must before he could ask) and 4 months later, we entered wedded bliss. The End.

Wedded Bliss


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