I wish I knew what my daughter was thinking, what she was babbling about, and what she was doing. Perhaps it would help me to accept her antics (and her messes) and love her even more than I do now.

I recently saw a cartoon of a messy child’s room, stuffed animals everywhere, sheets draped over furniture in a kind of tent fashion. The parent was yelling at the child to clean up his messy room. The next picture showed the room through the child’s eyes, what he saw in his mind. That sheet draped over the furniture? It was a circus tent. Those stuffed animals all over? They were the circus animals, in their respective cages or performing under the big top. It was a reminder to be patient with Georgia. She has an imagination that I may not understand, but that could WOW me if I just allow her to.

Then, just today, I read this blog.


What another great reminder to be patient with my child. That mess she’s making in the living room by pulling her diapers out of her diaper bag and setting the cans of fruit and soups in them, finishing it up with a blanket cover over the top? Well, I can’t even make a guess as to what she sees it as in her mind, but what I do see is an mind that is exploring, and creating, and organizing. I may not quite get her organization skills, but if I look, really look, I can see the wheels of her little brain just cranking away. Plus, I’ll admit, it’s nice not to have to entertain her every second of every day!

And who knows, as she gets older, she may just become my biggest cleaning/organizing ally in the house!

Ummm, the books are supposed to go ON the shelf

Putting away laundry…..or taking it back out

G books

G clothes out of drawer

G playing bagsPracticing her counting. Lots of plastic bags and sugar packets around here.
G sugar packets