Have you ever been to the circus or seen an elephant do that trick where they step one of their 500 lb. legs over something small and fragile, like a watermelon or a baby chick, but they don’t step down on it? Well, that’s me. Okay, not the elephant (though sometimes I feel like one), but the not stepping on something small and breakable. One of the many tricks learned as a mother. It’s on my resume.

Once your baby starts moving, you never really know where they are. Even when you think that you do….you don’t. These small, innocent little creatures are like baby ninjas, moving all stealth like, faster than you knew possible. You think they’re in one place and suddenly you turn around and there they are, right under your foot. If you’re not careful, you’ll be stepping on fingers and walking right over them before you can even say “elephant”.

Yet after the past few months of this tiny creature crawling under my feet and between my legs and standing up on me while my back is turned, I’ve come across this natural born instinct I never knew I had. Call it a sixth sense if you will. I can tell when my wee one is thisclose to me before I even see her or touch her. Before I really become aware of her presence, somehow I know that she’s there and I better just keep that foot up in the air or else I’ll be stepping down on her chubby little hand. Yep, an elephant. That’s me.


Small, yet mighty.

baby ninja