I hear voices

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I hear voices

Specifically my daughter’s voice

Specifically her cry

I hear it while the dishwasher is running, when the morning dove coos outside, as the neighbors talk in their backyard, when a cat meows on TV, etc, etc etc. I hear her all. the. time. The thing is she’s not crying during any of those times, ever. Dictionary.com defines paranoia as: “ a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions”. Oh my gosh…that’s me. 


This lady knows exactly how I feel


Bragging Rights

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6 months. I did it. My goal was to do exclusive breastfeeding for Georgia for the first 6 months and I DID IT!!!!!!!!! Sacrifice, determination, stubbornness, planning, and lack of sleep all contributed to reaching my goal. So. Freakin’. Proud. Of. Myself. (okay, so actually we’re 1 week shy of 6 months, but it seems I either gave birth to a vertically challenged baby or she’s trying to grow but just ain’t getting enough calories. I’ve been feeding around the clock for 4 weeks now and the scale is just barely moving; so, after careful deliberation with the Doc, we decided to throw in some solids a week early.). She’s an oatmeal guzzling fool and loves to help me by holding the spoon and bringing it into her mouth…and on her face, and dipping her hands in it for the fun of it. She’s a mess by the time we’re done, but the cutest mess I’ve ever seen.  ready to eat      IMG_0515

Ready to eat!                                   Here, let me help.


Seriously, Mom, I got this.



Another first…Georgia rolled over for the first time a little over a week ago! Next thing I know, she’ll be running around the house. Lord, help me.

And here are some pics that show off just how darn cute she is. Sigh, she melts my heart.

IMG_0438        IMG_0427

Listen to this dream I had….    I saw something way up in the sky….

IMG_0435           IMG_0443

I was scared at first….            Then I saw it was just a bird flying, like this….


The End…It was a fun dream, guess you had to be there.