Being on pregnancy #2 I feel I learned quite a bit about being pregnant I not only did not know before, but was given false information about. I’m sure I would learn much more with subsequent pregnancies, but I make no secret about it, I am praying this is my last one. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but modern medicine/procedures have come quite far and we will be banking on that.

Lie #1: You have a glow.

Truth: You do glow, but it’s called sweat.

Lie #2: You will be overcome with the miracle of life inside you.

Truth: I could go on and on about this one, but the only thing I’m typically overcome with is how much I don’t like being pregnant.

Lie #3: Your hair will look like those in commercials.

Truth: The only thing that happened regarding the hair on my head is my dandruff kicked it up a few notches. However, the hair on my legs grew at an exponentially faster rate than ever before. Not exactly the hair change I was looking for.

Also, my hair fell out, no joke. The first pregnancy it actually fell out a couple months after giving birth (an area on each side of my head above my temple. I thought I had a receding hair line all of a sudden) but second one, these same patches of hair may be disappearing already in just my 2nd trimester. They at least have spontaneously gotten shorter and I have heard of some women having hair actually fall out during pregnancy.

Lie #4: Your nails will grow faster and become stronger.

Truth: Okay this one was actually true for me, but the downer is I keep mine short so this was kind of a wash for me.

Lie #5: You will crave sex.

Truth: Seriously? Make sure to set your husbands straight on this one so they don’t get their hopes up too high. Pregnancy hormones do funny things to you and while some women experiences this to be a truth, let’s just say it isn’t true for every one of us.

Lie #6: You can eat whatever you want.

Truth: While people may tell you this as a condolence to being pregnant, it’s actually not the healthiest bit of advice and all that ice cream and cookies after every meal can take it’s toll on you and the baby. The real kicker-as you get bigger, you actually can’t eat whatever you want even though you may want to. Baby is scrunching your stomach smaller and smaller every day. This is especially sad when you are in your last trimester around a major eating holiday, such as Thanksgiving (as I was with #1).

Lie #7: You will pee all the time.

Truth: There’s 2 parts to this truth. A) Make sure you don’t have a urinary tract infection. All that peeing could in part be due to a UTI, which I discovered this time around. I did think it was funny when the nurse asked me if I had any symptoms, such as frequent urination. Ummmm, I am pregnant lady. B) You will in fact pee all the time, but the other bathroom habit that changes is that while you pee more, you poop less. And when you do, it may just clog the toilet. I do not say this with pride, but I feel a responsibility to shed light on all this awesomeness of pregnancy. So be armed with a plunger.