Some people like horror movies, haunted houses, being scared out of their mind. I’m not one of them. I remember having a basketball team sleepover at Allyson
Tetsworth’s house in high school and someone had the bright idea to watch the movie ‘Scream’. Me and some other scaredy-cat lay in our sleeping bags, whispering back and forth, looking away from the TV, and even plugging our ears throughout the whole movie. One time in my mid-20’s a boy convinced me to watch ‘Saw’ with him. Oh the stupid things you’ll do for the opposite sex! I’m even afraid of the funny ‘Scary Movie’ series. I’m afraid of the dark and scary movies just re-iterate what can go wrong when you’re in the dark. I have nightmares for days after a scary event.

However, there is one thing that is scarier than anything I’ve ever encountered before…the cry of my baby…when she’s supposed to be sleeping…when I’m enjoying a few moments without her. It takes my breath away and makes my heart stop beating. It’s so traumatic I hear her cry even when it’s not her; it haunts me. I’ve even heard her cry when I was holding her…and she was clearly NOT crying. My breath stopped even then. A cat’s meow on the TV is my baby crying. The kids playing across the street is my baby crying. My dog whimpering in her sleep is my baby crying. I can’t get away from it! Will this ever end?

This woman looks exactly how I feel when I hear that little cry…scared woman