Ever see the old Frankenstein movie? Yeah, me neither, but surely you know the scene where Frank comes to life and his maker yells “It’s Alive!” It’s a phrase I have muttered to myself many times already in Georgia’s 7 weeks of life. Why? Because I swear I should have seriously maimed or killed my child out of stupidity many-a-times already. th (1)

For instance, I was at work and my sweet child decided to fall asleep in her car seat, which is wonderful because usually I’m carrying her around in her carrier on my chest. Not a big deal, but kind of makes it hard to work considering I take care of horses. So as not to wake her I put her blanket over the car seat to block out her surroundings….kind of like they do to birds to calm them down. 

When I finished work, I just carried the car seat out to the car, put her in, and home we went with Sleeping Beauty as quiet as a mouse. I get home, bring her car seat in the house, and…..she wasn’t buckled into her seat. I had driven all the way home without her buckled. Oh my gosh! If we’d gotten in an accident, she could have gone flying out of her seat and slammed into the side of the car; no more baby.

Another time I was actually buckling her into her car seat and my hand slipped off the buckle as I slid it up the strap and I clotheslined her right in her cute, button nose, which she gets from her Daddy. Can’t noses be broken that way? Of course she started screaming and I started to cry right along with her. We were a mess. But after holding her for about 8.3 seconds, she stopped crying and was fine. Apparently she moves on quickly. Me? Not so much. Broke my heart for hours afterwards.

And still yet another time I had her on my shoulder, in the process of sitting down on the couch getting ready to feed my little piggy. I sat down on the edge and went to scoot to the back, only when I did, I ended up whiplashing her just a bit so that her head then slammed right down into my shoulder. Let the screams begin, along with my tears. In order to make her forget what a bad mom she has, I quickly started to feed her. Low and behold, she decided I wasn’t that bad after all considering I was the source of some yummy milk.

Ahhhhhh, the joys of  motherhood. It’s a wonder I really haven’t killed her yet. Thank you Jesus for making babies so resilient to be able to survive their parents.

P.S.-Don’t tell my husband, but I did that non-buckling thing in the car seat again today. Oops!