I’m tired, exhausted. There are a million and one things on my to-do list today and another million tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. So why add one more thing to the list? Because I need a creative outlet. I need to be able to vent, and by vent I mean tell about my extremely exciting life, wow-ing people with my adventures….and by all that I mean tell about my extremely mundane life as a wife and mother, which I absolutely love. And hate. All at the same time, or rather it’s one or the other at one time or another. This blog is my way to get what is in my head, out, and what usually comes out makes it all seem not so bad.
For instance, my previous blog about batteries. During each situation I was frustrated as heck, yet as I wrote about them, it all seemed rather funny, which made me not frustrated anymore, which allowed me to gear up for the next frustrating event to come, which came last night. Our sweet, little, precious daughter decided she’d rather be awake than sleep last night…for most of the night. And then she decided she needed to eat all day today, as in the day after last night. As in I’m exhausted and now you want to eat all day instead of nap. Wonderful.

And yet when she was finally content after one particular feeding and in a happy, happy, happy mood, I found myself unable to tear myself away from her. I could have easily put her down and let her entertain herself as I hustled around getting those million and one things done (or at least a handful of them), but I chose to sit and enjoy my daughter. The dirty laundry can wait as can the clean laundry needing to be put away. The dog hair covering our floors can wait another day to be swept up (it’s not like Georgia is crawling around yet or anything), the piles of “stuff” can sit out a little bit longer. And even if all of that needed to be done RIGHT NOW, who could resist a face like this?